Importing Orders from External Source System

Generally when working with big customers, they would have requirement to capture sales order coming from external system. Yeah, I know we can capture the sales order using FBDI or webservice and use EFF to mention the respective source system. But to your surprise, oracle fusion cloud has possess the capability to create external source system to capture the sales order. In this article we will learn how to create new source system to capture the sales order.

Creating External Source System

To create new source system we have to leverage the oracle fusion cloud Trading Community Model because oracle fusion cloud source system, for ex: OPS, is predefined in the Trading Community Model and if you require to collect or load sales order from external source system for Oracle Fusion Global Order Promising or Oracle Fusion Order Management, then first you have to define the external source system under Trading Community Model.

To add each external source system navigate to Setup and Maintenance work area and search for “Manage Trading Community Source Systems” page, as shown below.


Click Manage Trading Community Source Systems task to open the page


Go to Actions > Create to add new source system


Enter the Source system name and description and select Type as Spoke. Check all the check box except “Enable for Asset” to allow source system to capture sales order and click on Save and Close. The source system is created under Trading Community Model


Enable External Source System for Order Orchestration

Once external source system is created under Trading Community Model, next step is to make this source system eligible to use in order management to capture sales order. To enable the new source system for order orchestration and planning navigate to Setup and Maintenance work area and search for “Manage Planning Source Systems”


Click on “Manage Planning Source Systems” task to open the page.


Go to Actions > Create to add the newly created source system to enable it for Order Orchestration and Planning


Enter the following information:

Code:- Select the Source System Code from the LOV
Time Zone:- Select from LOV
Version:- this should be – Other – for all external Source Systems. There should only ever be a single source system – Fusion
Order Orchestration Type:- Select either – Order Capture – or – Fulfillment
Check – Collections allowed (You can allow collections for external source systems if you load planning data from files)
Check – Enable data cross-reference

Click on Save and Close to enable the external source system for Order Orchestration and Planning


Enable Organization for Data Collections

Once external source system is created and enabled for  Order Orchestration and Planning, you have to enable organization that will be use for data collections.

To enable Organizations navigate to Setup and Maintenance area and search for “Manage Planning Source Systems”


Click on  “Manage Planning Source Systems” task to open the page


Highlight the row for external source system created and click on Manage Organization List button


Search for your organization and as surprise you will get no result ! The reason for this is that Order Management and GOP expects that an Item Inventory Organization can ONLY be associated/related to One Source System – this is a One To Many Relationship (A single Source System may Fulfill Order Lines from many Item Inventory Organizations).

But don’t worry you will capture the sales order for this new external source system, let’s see next steps.

Create Cross Reference Data for External Source System

To capture sales order for new external source system, first you have to create all the cross reference data to be used by external source system. You need to use Cross Reference Data FBDI with Source and Target values for supported attributes of an fusion source system (OPS).

To check all the supported attributes of an fusion source system (OPS), navigate to Supply Chain Planning > Plan Inputs


Go to Task Panel > Click on Cross Reference Relationships for Collected Data. Search for Attributes for fusion source system (OPS)


Download all the attributes in the excel using the excel icon under Search results and create cross reference data for all these attributes for external source system using Cross Reference Data FBDI.

To load Cross Reference Data, download Cross Reference Data FBDI under Supply chain management from Oracle enterprise repository.


Download the template, open it and populate all the entity and respective attribute values for new external source systems


Create the necessary CSV files for upload.

From the Navigator, use the File Import and Export page to upload the zipped CSV files to the Universal Content Manager.


Go to Actions > Upload to upload zipped csv files. Use the account scm/planningDataLoader/Import to upload the zipped file


Click Save and Close to upload the file


Now, navigate to Supply Chain Planning offering > Plan Inputs


Select the Load Planning Data from Files from task panel


Select the external source system for which you want to create cross reference data and select data file uploaded in the UCM.

Click Submit and review the status of the process

Now, you are ready to create sales order for external source systems using FBDI or webservice.

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