Navigating in Oracle Fusion Applications

Getting Started in Oracle Fusion Applications Activity.

This article will introduce you to Oracle Fusion Applications basic navigation features.

  1. After you sign in, application starts on the Oracle Fusion Applications home page, which contains one or more tabs, or dashboards.1
  2. Use dashboards to navigate to relevant pages and monitor the status of underlying transactions for a particular business domain, for example sales or projects.
  3. The first tab is always the Welcome dashboard. You may have other dashboards, depending on the roles assigned to you.
  4. The global area at the top is always available no matter where you are in Oracle Fusion Applications. Use the global area to navigate and access features that are relevant to any page that you are on.
  5. Click on the Home page icon in the global area. It will take you to the homepage, from where you can navigate to the various applications or tasks, you want to work on.2
  6. You will also use the Navigator icon (3 dashes/rows) on the top-right corner of the page, to access Main Menu where you view all the applications or tasks, you have access to.
  7. You get the About Me and Tools submenus, as well as other submenus. The menu options available are based on the roles assigned to your user. If you are a manager, you also get the My Team3
  8. The menus on the global area provide access to features relevant to any page in Oracle Fusion Applications.
  9. Select the User Login drop down on the far right.4
  10. Click the Setup and Maintenance link to access the Setup and Maintenance page. On this page, you will see all the offerings subscribed for.
  11. Click on the Implementation Projects icon to create the implementation project, which comprises offerings and associated features.5
  12. Repeat Step 9
  13. Click the Applications Help link6
  14. Enter “Journals” in the search box and click on the magnifying glass7
  15. Explore some of the search results.
  16. Close Oracle Fusion Applications Help
  17. Use the Favorites and Recent Items icon (the star) to access pages that you frequently use, without having to remember the navigation sequence. You can perform actions similar to your browser’s favorites feature, such as add, edit, and organize favorites.
  18. Use the Recent Items tab to return to pages that you recently accessed. The list usually includes but is not limited to pages from a single session.
  19. The Watchlist icon (the flag) contains a set of shortcuts to items that you want to track.
  20. You can click any Watchlist item to navigate to the corresponding page.9
  21. Click the Navigator link (3 rows) in the upper left hand corner which opens the main menu for Oracle Fusion Applications.
  22. Click the General Accounting: Journalslink.
  23. You are taken to the Journals work area.
  24. A work area contains the complete set of tasks, reports, embedded analytics, searches, or other content that you need to accomplish the tasks associated with a business goal. Work areas consist of many regions, or areas.10
  25. As needed, you can resize or collapse the regional or contextual area to dedicate more space to the local area.
  26. The task pane is located on the right side. Depending on the work area, you can search business objects, such as journals, which affects what is displayed in the local area, the middle region where you do your work.
  27. Click the first Create Journal link in the task pane, to perform the create journal task
  28. You can return to the Oracle Fusion Applications home page at any time by clicking the Home

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