Overview of Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager

Configure Offerings

You are an implementation manager for your oracle applications. First step is to review the offerings.

Navigate to Setup and Maintenance

Note: You must have the Application Implementation Manager or Application Implementation Consultant role to have permission to configure offerings.


Select the Module required to implement and click on Configure


Select ‘Enable for Implementation’ for all the features and functionalities required and

The Implementation Status column indicates the current status of the implementation. The default status is set to Not Started, which you can change if the offering has been enabled for Implementation.

Click on DONE, the offering and related features are enabled for implementation. And you are ready to generate setup tasks and start implementing the offerings of your choice

Create Implementation Project

Before you begin creating your enterprise, your implementation consultant or system administrator must create an implementation project. An implementation project defines the scope of the implementation. The implementation project can be populated by adding one or more related offerings or task lists.

Navigate to Setup and Maintenance


Click on Implementation Project


Create New Implementation Project


Click on Next to select the offerings Enabled for implementation


Select all the offerings required to implement and click on Save and Open Project.


You are ready to configure tasks.

Click the Select and Add icon to add more tasks. Note: click without any lines highlighted. If you were to highlight a task list line first, the task would be added as a child in the task.

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